Employee Benefit Trusts, Employee Share Ownership Trusts and Employer Funded Unapproved Retirement Benefits Schemes

For decades, employee benefit trusts (EBTs), have been used to help organisations set money aside for the benefit of their workforce.

  • Employee benefit trusts are tax-efficient discretionary trusts designed to hold employee assets.
  • EBT assets may include employer shares and be held in the UK or offshore.
  • Some employers are reluctant to use offshore EBTs because of negative publicity surrounding corporate tax avoidance.

But in recent years, such schemes have all come under increasing scrutiny from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

When you have an enquiry into one of these schemes, we can help minimise the disruption to your business, negotiate with liquidators, administrators, trustees in bankruptcy etc, with a view to resolving the financial problems you will face.