Forensic Investigation and Taxation Services Limited (“FITS”) was established in 2017 to provide specialist forensic accounting and tax advisory services to clients.

The founders of FITS, Steve Gill and Mark Pollard have significant experience in these disciplines.

Steve Gill - Director
Steve Gill - Director

Steve Gill is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants “FCCA” and holds the Certified Internal Auditor “CIA” qualification in addition to having the Joint Insolvency Exam Board – Personal Insolvency paper and has recently completed his qualifying law degree at the University of Brighton. Steve also has a bachelor’s Degree in accounting sciences.

Forensic Accounting Services

We Investigate financial discrepancies and inaccuracies such as fraudulent activity, financial misrepresentation or misconduct and disputes.
This involves an integration of accounting, auditing and investigation. Conduct investigations to uncover information, identify specific irregularities in financial documents and reports, quantify exact losses, trace and recover illegitimate funds.
Provision of confidential reports on findings, offering reconstructions and insights into how the activities were carried out and provide an overall understanding of how the transactions have occurred and where controls have been deficient in facilitating these irregularities.
Provide a focus on preventative activities, which aim to minimise the risk of financial problems and enhance good practice if required.

In general, but not limited to a range of duties including:

  • performing forensic research to trace funds and identify assets for recovery;
  • conducting forensic analysis of financial data;
  • preparing forensic accounting reports from financial findings;
  • undertaking interviews to uncover and verify information;
  • understanding the wider economic and legal implications of a case;
  • Antecedent transaction and recovery in an insolvency setting.

Examples of recent assignments undertaken by Steve Gill

“FIC” Limited
Analysing transactions totalling over £20 million and providing an Expert Report on behalf of the liquidator to the High Court.

“NEG” Limited
Analysing historic bank statements to identify the use of £2m of funds raised from external investors and potentially fraudulent transactions.

“HC” Limited and “M” Holdings Limited
Investigation into IFA’s historic records, including close liaison with the FCA Financial investigation team. Steve Gill has also worked on FCA (formerly FSA) cases over the last decade with FCA consent.

Mark Pollard - Director
Mark Pollard - Director

Mark Pollard has over 33 years of experience working for HMRC as a fully technically trained inspector and has gained invaluable and unique experience across HMRC’s lines of business.

Tax Services

We have conducted and defended many investigation cases from international PLC’s to individuals. With a very broad expanse of knowledge and experience from leading specialist teams, writing legislation and working with other government agencies and prosecuting authorities.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to those facing difficulties. Additionally, we offer complex and bespoke tax planning if required.

We are currently working on many tax avoidance enquires on behalf of individuals, companies and insolvency practitioners.

James Legg – Legal Associate
James Legg – Legal Associate

James is an LPC qualified legal associate with over 5 years’ experience of providing legal support services to domestic and international private and corporate clients. He has a wide range of experience spanning a number of sectors which includes managing companies’ legal projects as well as providing paralegal support to barristers and solicitors.

Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson

Tom is a big four trained accountant with four years’ experience performing statutory audits and other assurance engagements. Tom has worked on FTSE listed to small local businesses, auditing financial statements and providing assurance on other regulatory required reports across a variety of sectors.